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Nithinol Wire

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The right name for this astonishing material is Nitinol, a composite of generally proportionate bits of nickel and titanium. Its name starts from the underlying two letters of all of those segments, notwithstanding the abbreviated type of the US Naval Ordnance Laboratory where it was first made in 1961.

Nitinol is the best known and best instance of a social event of materials called shape memory mixes, or SMAs. These metals can 'recall' a shape they are set into at high temperature and, once cooled, can be bowed and wound deliberately up to 8% strain. They will by then recover the held or 'parent' shape when warmed over an advancement temperature.

To set the condition of a case of Nitinol, it ought to at first be warmed to about 500°C, which is far over the advancement temperature. It would then have the option to be encircled into the perfect 'parent' shape, with its particles immovably stuffed in the austenite arrange. As it cools, its atoms re-get the martensite arrange and the model can be contorted and distorted willfully.

Right when warmth is applied, the material holds the imperativeness until it lands at its encouraging temperature. Starting at now the jewel structure has taken on enough essentialness to re-compose itself by and by into the austenite plan. This flitting change makes the metal come back to the in advance set parent shape.

Nithinol Wire Specifications

Product Name

Nitinol Wire


0.004”-0.2” Diameter

Surface Finish

Black, Pickled, Polished (Dia.>0.04”)


Straight wires, Coils, Spools


Dental braces, Stent, Fishing wire, Springs, Eyeglass frames, etc.

Other available geometries

Square/Rectangular wire and other customized shapes

Nithinol Wire Applications

  • Guidewires, stents, stylets, forming mandrels, stone retrieval baskets, orthodontic files, etc.
  • Often used in applications that require a high loading and unloading plateau stress at room temperature. Chromium-doped for decreased transformation temperature and increased tensile strength.
  • Applications requiring increased stiffness. Cobalt-doped for decreased transformation temperature and increased tensile strength.
  • Provides the best cycling performances at body temperature (37°C).
  • A common application for this alloy is high-temperature actuators.
  • A common application for this alloy is high-temperature actuators.
  • Typically used in applications that require a phase transformation at body temperature (37°C).
  • For use in very cold temperature environment applications.

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